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The Factors Behind Corporate Returns

It's no secret that corporations are in business to make money and when tax season rolls around, these entities have to make sure its financial house is in order. Corporate returns are based on a number of factors including taxes paid and withdrawals made by its stockholders. The amounts of...(more)

Rollover Rules: Withdrawal from the IRA

Managing your IRA can be quite challenging. The laws that govern Individual Retirement Accounts are subject to change. A few misguided steps can result in substantial portions of your investment draining away rapidly. The following links can help you maximize benefits and decrease penalties that can be incurred when you...(more)

Payroll Taxes: Who's Responsible

Payroll taxes are taxes that are held in trust for the Social Security Administration and the IRS. Owners of businesses and corporations of all sizes collect these taxes from their own pay and salaries and from their employees' pay and salaries and submit the amounts that are collected to the...(more)

Expert Advice: Taxes on IRA's

The taxes on your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) withdrawal will depend on what kind of IRA you have. There are several different types of IRAs and each of them carry different restrictions and requirements. Deciding which IRA to fund in the first place could be overwhelming. You may need to...(more)

Business Taxes

1040 and the Sole Proprietorship

The most common business entity for tax purposes is the sole proprietorship. It's a one person company which has not in incorporated....(more)

What is the Form K-1 For?

Some organizations have the ability to pass their taxable income directly to their owners or beneficiaries on a Form K-1. When that happens, the recipient of the K-1 pays tax on the income and not the organization....(more)

Independent Contractor or Employee?

When a business needs help they can hire employees or they can use an independent contractor. The key to staying out of trouble with the Internal Revenue Service is to know which is which....(more)


Now Open - Health Insurance Marketplace

The Health Insurance Marketplace opened on October 1, 2013 allowing taxpayers to buy health insurance under the Affordable Care Act....(more)

Accounting for Health Insurance as a Business Expense

As a business owner, you know that business expenses equal income tax deductions. When figuring our business expenses for the year, do not forget to include health insurance premiums for yourself and your employees. Here are a few steps to walk you through the process of claiming health insurance as a business expense....(more)

Understanding Mortgage Premium Insurance Options

One of the biggest obstacles to home ownership is coming up with the 20-percent down payment needed to get a mortgage. It is possible to get a mortgage with less than 20 percent down, but you're going to pay private mortgage insurance premiums in order to get the loan approved. While PMI helps you get into the house, it inflates the monthly payments and offers you no tangible benefit, since PMI only protects the lender. You do have some options to minimize or eliminate PMI....(more)

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